Why should you consider partnering with AppRiver?

It's simple, when you become an AppRiver partner you get: 

  • Business Incentives – Participating partners saw 3X growth rate (10X the growth rate of non-participants).

  • Lead Sharing – We’re partners, not competitors. Success is a team effort!

  • Seat Bounty – Move Office 365 to us and we’ll match your margins and give you $10 per seat.*


Our Spring into Green SPIFF offers huge payouts  - up to $10,000 - on services your customers are asking for anyway.


AppRiver's new Security Audit Tool checks your Office tenant for known vulnerabilities and also helps you to make appropriate changes (and helps your recurring revenue!). 

*For qualifying SKUs. Add AppRiver's advanced email security and get an additional $5 per seat.


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Our company switched over to AppRiver about 3 months ago in May 2016, from Sophos' spam filter. Sophos would constantly let spam through, and it was the same spam that other companies were complaining about on the Sophos forums. Some users were receiving 40 spam emails a day (210 users). We contacted Sophos and ran all updates, but still had the same issues. When we switched over to AppRiver, the setup was not complicated. The first 3 or 4 weeks consisted of our tweaking settings, mostly just allowing legit emails stuck in the filter through to users. Since then life has been MUCH easier. Our users receive nearly zero spam emails a week. Every once and a while you get an unwanted email that makes it through the filter, but all you have to do is email your spam to spam@appriver.com and they will dissect the spam and add it to their filter. I really couldn't ask for more. AppRiver has made my job much easier, and they even have an informative interface. It turns out that we receive up to 40,000 spam emails in a single day! It puts my mind at ease knowing they are catching all of these unwanted emails, especially knowing that the encryption/ransomware viruses (Locky, CryptoLocker, etc.) have been on the rise. This has been one of the best IT choices we have made in a long time. Thank you AppRiver, keep up the good work.

Tina - Manufacturing

We have been using AppRiver for 2 years plus & my interactions with the support team have been relatively limited, as generally AppRiver does what we need it to without any complaints! We support 250+ users and growing so its important that the portal allows us to quickly add a new user, white-list an address or set up a custom filter for a user in response to a request from our customer. On the rare occasions on which I've needed support, I fire an email off to support and always get a timely and helpful response, which is really useful when supporting customers who understandably want solutions to email issues in minutes not hours!

Tim - IT Service Provider